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Light enough to carry around, but big enough to execute your favorite technical steps, my 3'x2' board is the perfect solution for performance, practice, teaching, and more. Available with an attached handle or shoulder straps for more convenient travel!

3'x2' Board


    The instruments of a tap dancer include more than just the body and the shoes. Without a proper floor beneath them, dancers risk stress and injury, and can't create quality sound. Even the best tap shoes on terrible floor will sound terrible. 

    Product Description

    This board is made of MDF (medium density fiberboard), supported by attached foam squares in a balanced layout on the underside. The foam squares make this board sprung, keeping your joints and body healthy while making it fun to tap dance on. When you jump and land, you will feel the board depress upon impact, then spring back up, returning the energy to your body.

    The foam raises the board about 1" off the ground, creating lots of space underneath. This space helps your tap sounds project, and you can get a ton of sound out of this board. 


    MDF is a "fast" material for dancing, and this board provides a wonderful glide and smoothness right out of the box. Slides and scrapes are effortless on this board. With continued use, the dancer will feel the board become slower. If the dancer prefers a slower surface immediately, select the option above.

    Like with all wooden boards and floors, tap dance will damage this surface. You will notice scratches and discoloration on this board with use. This damage will not affect the sprung quality of your board, and most damage can be removed with occasional sanding. 

    Care Instructions


    Due to the construction of MDF, water will damage this board. Do not get this board wet.


    Wood dust will appear on this board with continued use, this is normal. If too much dust accumulates on the surface, wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.

    When not in use, store this board in a vertical position. If left laying flat on the ground for extended periods of time, the foam may compress, and the board can lose some of its bounce. When not in use, lean it against a wall, or store it foam side up.

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